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Luxury Travel with Arizona Luxury Expeditions

Step out of the ordinary, and come with us on an adventure like no other experience offered in vacation travel. Arizona Luxury Expeditions offers multi-day tours to explore and experience the incredible destinations throughout Arizona, accompanied with your own personal local guide. Actually camping, or glamping, (glamourous camping) in spacious modern tents with luxurious accommodations, while delicious meals are prepared for you by the warmth and glow of a roaring campfire. Our professional guides do all of the work, as well as assist in the planning of exciting activities, including guided hiking excursions to unveil the culture, history, and wildlife. Uncovering the hidden secrets to some of the most spectacular landscapes on earth.

Guided Camping in Arizona
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Don’t be a spectator on you own vacation, participate, engage, and get involved. Inspired by the classic African Safaris from the turn of the century, Arizona Luxury Expeditions is dedicated to connecting you to some of the most magnificent and awe inspiring landscapes on earth. Our premier luxury camping tours are the most genuine and unique way to truly experience the many spectacular natural wonders of Arizona.

You will camp in state of the art tents with opulent accommodations while being surrounded by the beauty of such monumental locations such as Sedona, Monument Valley, and the Grand Canyon, as you explore and uncover their many wonderful secrets throughout the days with our local professional guides.

You can relax while all of the chores from setting up tents to preparing the delicious meals are done for you by our A.L.E. staff in a one of a kind experience. Leaving you to choose from the many professionally guided adventures designed to captivate the whole gang, or left to your own imagination for you to decide how to explore (not someone else’s itinerary), at your own pace. Even choose to do nothing at all and just stay in camp to relax with a book and a hammock, to be absorbed by the tranquility and serenity that all of these spectacular places possess.

All of us at Arizona Luxury Expeditions are dedicated to providing you with the most authentic and unforgettable vacation experience imaginable, while giving you and your family the ability to do more on a trip with us than you ever could have conceived of, even if you were to plan it yourself. We will help you explore like a local, while being treated like our VIP guest.

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New Tour for 2016

Arizona Luxury Expeditions - Arizona Glamping

A Day and a Night of Glamping

Arizona Luxury Expeditions is offering a unique opportunity for you to experience how the upper crust of European society has camped with comfort and sophistication since the 1800’s, referred to today as glamping, this is definitely not your typical family camping trip.

We are offering a day and night of Glamping in some of the most spectacular natural settings on earth, from the majesty of the Grand Canyon, to the incredible formations and landscapes of Sedona and Monument Valley.

  • 4 Guest Capacity per Tent
  • $750 - $1000 per Tent per Night
  • 2 Night Minimum


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Relax while every thing is done for you from having your own large expedition tent prepared and outfitted with all of the comforts of home from soft fine linens on the queen size beds to the plush cowhide rugs adorning the padded floors. You will also be catered to and pampered as delicious meals are made for you and enjoyed in the some of most serene alfresco settings imaginable. We will also offer professionally guided daily hiking trips into the interior of these natural wonders giving you a once in a lifetime experience to get to up close and personal with the culture and history, incredible wildlife, and hidden secrets of some of natures most iconic natural wonders. So don't just be an observer on your own vacation, come join us and get involved while actually staying and being totally surrounded by nature in these truly incredible areas, as we treat you to the newest way to travel and camp (thats been around for 150 years), as you explore, relax, and unwind in the majestic landscapes and scenery of Arizona. We will provide transportation to and from Phoenix, Sedona, and Flagstaff or you can meet us at any the destinations if traveling on your own.

New Tour for 2016

Arizona Luxury Expeditions - Guided Arizona Camping

Natural Wonders, and Monuments

We’re excited to offer our newest and most comprehensive tour of Arizona that will leave you spellbound day after day as we visit some of the most incredible natural landscapes on earth. Come with us as we explore landscapes that inspire imagination as the newest addition to our tour offerings encompasses both the majesty of the Grand Canyon, one of the seven wonders of the world, as well as the breathtaking grandeur of Monument Valley, the site of many of Hollywoods most dramatic movie backdrops.

  • Limited to 8 Guests
  • 4 Guest Capacity per Tent
  • $750 - $1000 per Tent per Night
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We are offering two exciting ways for you to explore Arizona like a local as you discover incredible destinations with us. Come play in our mountains and deserts and breath our fresh air as you surround yourself in a living history book. Throughout our tours you will find geographic wonders that will inspire and rejuvenate, as your senses are filled with colors of immeasurable intensity along with towering sandstone castles, vast mesas and canyons — all combined to deliver the ultimate sense of escape.

Our first trip is a 4 days and 3 nights tour, or if you choose to stay with us a little longer, we also offer 5 days and 4 nights stay package.

Arizona Camping Guides - Arizona Luxury Expeditions

Jewels of Arizona Tour

Prepare yourself for life changing experiences when you embark on our Jewels of Arizona tour. Discover the dramatic red rocks of Sedona with their mystical qualities where you will spend the day exploring the mesmerizing scenery, and spend the night wrapped in Oak Creek Canyon's wilderness ambiance. Next, continue on to the Grand Canyon, one of the most stunning national parks and celebrated natural wonders of the world.

You will be immersed in a world that will captivate and amaze, as you experience the canyon's raw and breathtaking beauty for 3 days and 2 nights.

  • Limited to 8 Guests
  • 4 Guest Capacity per Tent
  • $750 - $1000 per Tent per Night
Guided Camping in Arizona - Arizona Luxury Expeditions

Fall and Winter 2 Day Tours

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The Grand Canyon, Sedona, and Monument Valley have a serenity and quite beauty that are revealed when the crowds of summer have all gone and the hush of fall and winter gently sets in. Arizona Luxury Expeditions takes advantage of this perfect time to explore the spender that these beautiful locations hold with our small intimate groups, combined with exciting activities, to turn your ordinary vacation into a unforgettable experience.

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The adventure doesn’t stop with the cooler weather sets in. Our tours continue all season long with lodging modified from our summer luxurious tents, to spacious comfortable hotels in fall and winter. Additionally, we are the only tour company to offer multi-day trips to the spectacular destinations of Arizona, providing you with a professional guide to serve as your own personal concierge to assist you in the planning, and participation in the countless stimulating activities that are available at each of the amazing locations that we visit.

We don’t just show you incredible destinations, we help in getting you involved, from a thrilling jeep ride in the back trails of Sedona, exploring ancient Anasazi cliff dwellings in Monument Valley, to hiking below the rim in the mesmerizing geology that is the Grand Canyon. Our guides will assist and accompany you and your family on a vacation experience that will stimulate, excite, and provide you with incredible memories that will last a lifetime.

Arizona Luxury Expeditions - Guided Arizona Camping Service

Southwest Spirit Tour

Journey with us into the land of the Anasazi, an ancient tribe that flourished in the Northern Southwest well over 1000 years ago. The Navajo Nation will serve as our base camp as Native guides join us to explore ancient ruins and villages, as we descent back in time to discover how these early inhabitants, as well as the Navajo's thrived in this spectacular, but harsh environment.

Monument Valley, Canyon de Chelly, and the Navajo National Monument will provide incredible vistas as we explore for three days and nights the past of the Anasazi's, as well as the distant and present cultural traditions of the Navajo's.

Arizona Luxury Expeditions - Arizona Tour Guides

Day and Custom Trips

All of our tours are conveniently available for you to experience in just 1 day. Included are the unique and exciting activities that we offer in our multi-day trips from visiting a mystical Vortex in Sedona, to a guided below the Rim hike in the Grand Canyon, just in a slightly a more condensed version. We will provide you with an adventurous, stimulating, and out of the ordinary tour that will introduce you to many spectacular locations in Arizona, plus that extra something that will have you excited to plan your next visit back.

To schedule a Day and Custom Trip please call 623.242.5420

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We also can accommodate any request to customize your tour throughout not only Arizona but the entire Southwest. Give us the locations that your interested in visiting, plus any activities that you would like to experience, and we will customize a tour to fulfill all of your vacation desires with our own VIP service. We have spent years forging relationships with outfitters all throughout the Southwest, from a horseback ride thru ancient mystical canyons, to a invigorating white water rafting trip down the Colorado river, we are dedicated to providing you with the most stimulating and enriching experience for you and your family. Let us help you make the most of your vacation by utilizing our local knowledge and expertise in planning your next unforgettable custom vacation.