Luxury Travel with Arizona Luxury Expeditions

Step out of the ordinary, and come with us on an adventure like no other experience offered in vacation travel. Arizona Luxury Expeditions offers multi-day tours to explore and experience the incredible destinations throughout Arizona, accompanied with your own personal local guide. Actually camping, or glamping, (glamourous camping) in spacious modern tents with luxurious accommodations, while delicious meals are prepared for you by the warmth and glow of a roaring campfire. Our professional guides do all of the work, as well as assist in the planning of exciting activities, including guided hiking excursions to unveil the culture, history, and wildlife. Uncovering the hidden secrets to some of the most spectacular landscapes on earth.


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A Day and a Night of Glamping

Limited to 4 Guests

From $750-$900 per Tent

Arizona Luxury Expeditions is offering a unique opportunity for you to experience how the upper crust of European society has camped with comfort and sophistication since the 1800’s, referred to today as glamping, this is definitely not your typical family camping trip.

We are offering a day and night of Glamping in some of the most spectacular natural settings on earth, from the majesty of the Grand Canyon, to the incredible formations and landscapes of Sedona and Monument Valley.

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What's Included

Natural Wonders, and Monuments

Limited to 6 Guests

From $1648-$2048 Adult
$824-$1024 Kids

We’re excited to offer our newest and most comprehensive tour of Arizona that will leave you spellbound day after day as we visit some of the most incredible natural landscapes on earth. Come with us as we explore landscapes that inspire imagination as the newest addition to our tour offerings encompasses both the majesty of the Grand Canyon, one of the seven wonders of the world, as well as the breathtaking grandeur of Monument Valley, the site of many of Hollywoods most dramatic movie backdrops.

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Jewels of Arizona Tour
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Prepare yourself for life changing experiences when you embark on our Jewels of Arizona tour. Discover the dramatic red rocks of Sedona with their mystical qualities where you will spend the day exploring the mesmerizing scenery, and spend the night wrapped in Oak Creek Canyon's wilderness ambience. Next, continue on to the Grand Canyon, one of the most stunning national parks and celebrated natural wonders of the world.

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Fall and Winter 2 Day Tours
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The Grand Canyon, Sedona, and Monument Valley have a serenity and quite beauty that are revealed when the crowds of summer have all gone and the hush of fall and winter gently sets in. Arizona Luxury Expeditions takes advantage of this perfect time to explore the spender that these beautiful locations hold with our small intimate groups, combined with
exciting activities, to turn your ordinary vacation into a unforgettable experience.

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Southwest Spirit Tour

Journey with us into the land of the Anasazi, an ancient tribe that flourished in the Northern Southwest well over 1000 years ago. The Navajo Nation will serve as our base camp as Native guides join us to explore ancient ruins and villages, as we descent back in time to discover how these early inhabitants, as well as the Navajo's thrived in this spectacular, but harsh environment.

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Day and Custom Trips

All of our tours are conveniently available for you to experience in just 1 day. Included are the unique and exciting activities that we offer in our multi-day trips from visiting a mystical Vortex in Sedona, to a guided below the Rim hike in the Grand Canyon, just in a slightly a more condensed version. We will provide you with an adventurous, stimulating, and out of the ordinary tour that will introduce you to many spectacular locations in Arizona, plus that extra something that will have you excited to plan your next visit back.

To schedule a Day and Custom Trip please call 602.753.6779

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