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A Wilderness Experience in 4-Star Comfort...

A Wilderness Experience in 4-Star Comfort...

Your Ultimate Social Distancing Vacation Option

Arizona Luxury Expeditions Has Been Practicing Social Distancing for Almost 10 Years


Are you ready to get back to into the outdoors and enjoy nature?
I know we are…

Arizona Luxury Expeditions exclusive private Glamping and Guided tours can safely and comfortably reintroduce you and your family back into some of the most beautiful natural areas on earth.

Since the start of Arizona Luxury Expeditions we have been giving our guests the most unique and authentic Glamping experiences possible, while ensuring Social Distancing (we may have actually invented it)!

We provide all of our guests with a one on one interaction with our staff and guides, while each family or group are equipped with their own private sleeping and dining tents distanced far away from other campers.

Our professional guides are experts at choosing the best locations, times, and trails to avoid the large crowds of some of the more popular and visited areas.

Our cleaning practices have always maintained the highest standards, by sanitizing all contact surfaces in which guests and staff are present, as well as continuing our stringent CDC and Backcountry Food Handler guidelines for all of our meal services.

We believe that with our personalized dedication to each guest, along with practicing the ultimate boundaries in social distancing (that well exceeds any other vacation touring option), Arizona Luxury Expeditions is one of your best choices for a safe and stress free wilderness experience.

So come join us on your own customized Glamping tour designed just for you, and turn your vacation into a exciting (and safe) adventure.

Guided Camping Tours of Arizona

Step out of the ordinary, and come with us on an adventure like no other experience offered in vacation travel. Arizona Luxury Expeditions offers multi-day tours to explore and experience the incredible destinations throughout Arizona, accompanied with your own personal local guide. Actually camping, or glamping, (glamorous camping) in spacious modern tents with luxurious accommodations, while delicious meals are prepared for you by the warmth and glow of a roaring campfire. Our professional guides do all of the work, as well as assist in the planning of exciting activities, including guided hiking excursions to unveil the culture, history, and wildlife. Uncovering the hidden secrets to some of the most spectacular landscapes on earth.

Guided Camping in Arizona
Grand Canyon Glamping Tours

Day and Night Grand Canyon Glamping Tour

Come with us and as we explore the Grand Canyon in the most unique and authentic way possible as we begin our special Day and Night Glamping service to the Grand Canyon for the Fall of 2019.

To maximize the comfort and enjoyment of everyone, we are offering this experience to a limited number of guests for each day.

“Glamping” is the term used to combine Glamorous and Camping, which is exactly what you will experience after a full day of exploring the Grand Canyon with your personal guide, allowing you plenty of time to fully explore the hidden and lesser visited areas of the Grand Canyon at your own pace.

Arizona Luxury Expeditions - Arizona Glamping

Custom Glamping Tours

We can accommodate any request to customize your tour throughout not only Arizona but the entire Southwest. Give us the locations that you're interested in visiting, plus any activities that you would like to experience, and we will customize a tour to fulfill all of your vacation desires with our own VIP service. We have spent years forging relationships with outfitters all throughout the Southwest, from a horseback ride thru ancient mystical canyons, to a invigorating white water rafting trip down the Colorado river, we are dedicated to providing you with the most stimulating and enriching experience for you and your family. Let us help you make the most of your vacation by utilizing our local knowledge and expertise in planning your next unforgettable custom vacation.

  • 3 Guest Capacity per Tent
  • $1150 - $1450 per Tent per Night
  • 2 Night Minimum
Arizona Luxury Expeditions - Guided Arizona Camping

Natural Wonders and Monuments

We’re excited to offer our newest and most comprehensive tour of Arizona that will leave you spellbound day after day as we visit some of the most incredible natural landscapes on earth. Come with us as we explore landscapes that inspire imagination as the newest addition to our tour offerings encompasses both the majesty of the Grand Canyon, one of the seven wonders of the world, as well as the breathtaking grandeur of Monument Valley, the site of many of Hollywoods most dramatic movie backdrops.

  • 3 Guest Capacity per Tent
  • $1250 - $1450 per Tent per Night

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Arizona Camping Guides - Arizona Luxury Expeditions

Jewels of Arizona Tour

Prepare yourself for life changing experiences when you embark on our Jewels of Arizona tour. Discover the dramatic red rocks of Sedona with their mystical qualities where you will spend the day exploring the mesmerizing scenery, and spend the night wrapped in Oak Creek Canyon's wilderness ambiance. Next, continue on to the Grand Canyon, one of the most stunning national parks and celebrated natural wonders of the world.

You will be immersed in a world that will captivate and amaze, as you experience the canyon's raw and breathtaking beauty.

  • 3 Guest Capacity per Tent
  • $1150 - $1450 per Tent per Night
Zion National Park Utah

Gems of Utah and Northern Arizona Tour

Arizona Luxury Expeditions is excited to announce the newest addition to our Glamping destinations, as we expand our services into the picturesque Canyon county of Northern Arizona, and Southern Utah beginning in the Spring of 2019.

This new location will include the less visited North Rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona, and the spectacular National Parks of Zion, and Bryce Canyon in Southern Utah.

  • 3 Guest Capacity per Tent
  • $1150 - $1450 per Tent per Night
Guided Camping in Arizona - Arizona Luxury Expeditions

Fall and Winter Tours

The Grand Canyon, Sedona, and Monument Valley have a serenity and quite beauty that are revealed when the crowds of summer have all gone and the hush of fall and winter gently sets in. Arizona Luxury Expeditions takes advantage of this perfect time to explore the spender that these beautiful locations hold with our small intimate groups, combined with exciting activities, to turn your ordinary vacation into a unforgettable experience.

Guiding Services - Arizona Luxury Expeditions

Professional Guiding Services

ALE is now offering our Guiding Services to guests that do not have the time to experience our full Glamping operations, but still want to explore, and also have a personal connection with these natural wonders, with the in depth knowledge and understanding that only true passion can convey.

So if you would like to have a personal and intimate connection with these spectacular landscapes, then come join us with your ALE private guide for a unique perspective that will uncover the secrets, while addressing all of your questions, as you will walk away with an understanding, and appreciation of some of the most incredible and iconic landscapes on earth.