Destination Weddings and Special Occasions

In order to provide the most unique and memorable services to our guests, Arizona Luxury Expedition is excited to announce our recent collaboration with the Monumental Arizona Weddings and Events, the premier destination wedding and events planning company in the Southwest.

By teaming up with Monumental Arizona Weddings and Events, we are adding to our Glamping services an alternative from just planning a regular wedding, to having a wedding event, at some of the most spectacular landscapes, and destinations on earth.

best destination weddings locations - Grand Canyon Wedding

Monumental Arizona offers destination wedding ceremonies, exquisite photography services, along with reception packages to destinations all over the state of Arizona and Southern Utah.

They provide a wide variety of Arizona sanctioned officiants, from traditional, non-denominational, to Native indigenous officiants to conduct and perform the ceremonies.

Monumental Arizona also offers additional Native indigenous ceremonies and Blessings to compliment the spirituality, and beauty of the incredible unique locations that are abundant in both Northern Arizona and Southern Utah.

Whichever type of ceremony that you would like, we can offer the services of Monumental Arizona’s officiants, and photographers to join us at a specific location for a private wedding ceremony while you are with us on tour, or have a full ceremony and reception for you and your guests at any Southwest location of your choice.

So if you are searching for a unique and breathtaking destination wedding locations, we would like to invite you to have the professionals at Arizona Luxury Expeditions, and Monumental Arizona assist with the planning to the one of kind spectacular locations here in Northern Arizona and Southern Utah to celebrate your special day.

best destination weddings locations - Horseshoe Bend Wedding
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