Fall and Winter Tours

We specialize in creating custom tour packages to meet the particular interests of our individual guests.

For those that want a recommendation, we have the following itinerary that is very popular!

fall-and-winter-camping-in-arizona Sedona and Navajo Nation

Meet your guide at your first stop in Sedona. You start by visiting the tranquil Red Rock country of Sedona and the legendary Chapel of the Holy Cross. Perched high above the valley this serene chapel affords panoramic views of the grand formations such as Bell, Cathedral, and Courthouse Rock beneath the densely forested valley.

Afterwards, downtown Sedona with its world renowned art galleries, shops, and restaurants is our next destination. We will escort you through the village, acquainting you to the different areas, giving you the decision of how to spend your day in town.

We can arrange for you an exhilarating jeep tour, a breathtaking helicopter ride, or you can join your guide on a hike to explore the spectacular red rock back country, with lunch enjoyed in a secluded canyon, or by a tranquil creek. You will have the entire day to spend in Sedona, even opt for a relaxing massage, or have your aura read, its your vacation. We will meet back late afternoon to go to one of Sedona’s mystical Vortex’s perched high above the town with a fabulous view to enjoy a mesmerizing sunset.

After our energy is balanced from our calming vortex sunset vista, we head north to the Navajo Nation to enjoy a delicious dinner prepared by the native Americans on one of Arizona’s oldest trading post’s in Cameron AZ.

Try one of the many native dishes offered, including the always local favorite Navajo taco. You will have the rest of the evening to shop, relax, or explore the historic grounds on the trading post.

The trading posts hotel will be our accommodations for the night with spacious comfortable rooms, offering majestic views of the expansive painted desert come morning.

fall-and-winter-camping-in-azThe Grand Canyon

What better way to start our day of exploration than with a hearty breakfast enjoyed by a crisp roaring fire in the beautifully decorated dining room of the trading post, afterwards we continue on to the beauty of the Grand Canyon. Our early departure will assure us of having exclusive views as we head towards the east entrance of the park, observing the gradual erosion and deepening of the little Colorado Canyon along the way.

All the while keeping alert to spot the many native mustangs, paints and Arabian wild horse’s that roam freely on the expansive Navajo Nation.

Desert view overlook will be our first destination in the canyon. From the top of the historic Watchtower you will have commanding panoramic views of the Grand Canyon, Colorado River, and Marble Canyon as well as being engulfed in a spectacularly designed piece of architectural history. We will visit many other vista overlooks on our way to the Grand Canyon Village where you will be given the whole day ( not just a few hours ), to explore how you would like to. There are many historic hotels and gift shops in which to visit in the village, with various ranger talks given throughout the day, as well as being located by the free shuttle service that is available to the many additional overlooks along the canyon. The paved Rim Trail borders and traverses the rim of the canyon many miles in either direction from the village. The conveniently situated shuttle locations allow you to walk along the trail as far as you would like from one overlook point to another, with shuttle access being available along the entire route.

You’ll be amazed how the views and moods of the canyon will change right before your eyes as you travel along the rim.

We are but one of the few tour companies allowed to offer our guests guided hikes below the rim of the Grand Canyon because our staff has certifications in advanced wilderness emergency medical training. We are excited to offer this experience to all of our guests that would like to explore beyond the rim of the canyon, discovering some of its hidden secrets and uniquely incredible views. We will offer exclusive 1-2 hour professionally guided inner canyon treks tailored to ever ones personal ability, with an informative hike, to show you the geology, wildlife, and vast history of the canyon as we descend into its inner trails.

You will have plenty of free time to explore on your own the many shops, museums and exhibits available near the village. Take a short shuttle ride to Grand Canyon Visitors Center where you can enjoy informative displays and videos. Choose to have lunch and dinner at one of the many hotel restaurants with views of the canyon. Accommodations are available at the historic El Tovar hotel or any of the other hotels located within the National Park for you to retire for the evening.

Monument Valley / Page, AZ

For a more adventurous tour in the Fall and Winter tours onto the Navajo Nation with our accommodations set in a Traditional  Navajo
Hogan located on the floor of Monument Valley.

We will stay in an area in Monument Valley that only Native Navajo tribe members live, and we will make our base camp in a beautiful rounded log structure call a Hogan.

The Hogan also has a central wood burning stove and generates warmth for the whole night.

Hogans are incredibly beautiful structures that have been the traditional home of the Navajo’s for over 500 years. We furnish your Hogan with all the necessary comforts as you stay in what the Navajo’s consider a gift from the Gods, and refer to Hogans as “occupying a place in the sacred world”. We consider the invitation to stay in a traditional Hogan an incredible honor. With our camp located on the floor of Monument Valley in such a enchanted place, this is a truly is a magical experience.

In Monument Valley deep in Navajo Nation you will witness one of the most incredible starlight shows at night, and awaken to one of the worlds most spectacular places on earth for a inspirational sunrise, all the while staying in one of the most sacred dwellings of the Southwestern Native Americans. A once in a lifetime experience that is sure to create memories that will last a lifetime.

You will awaken in morning to a real life Western movie set as we plan our days activities over a hearty breakfast among the the towering Mesas and Formations.

Options for the day include jeep tours with the Navajo guides deeper into the recesses of Monument Valley, perhaps going on a horseback ride, or explore around camp with some easy hikes to the mesas and formations that have been made famous by Hollywood and classic western films and photographs.

A day trip to Page, Az to explore Antelope Canyon, Lake Powell  and Horseshoe Bend are also available.

A traditional Navajo dinner can be arranged in the evening prepared by a Navajo family that calls Monument Valley home.The Navajo Taco served on freshly made fry bread with ground chili beef (vegetarian options can be substituted), beans, lettuce, and tomatoes makes a hot hearty meal with the soapiallas following for desert.

Which consists of hot fry bread served with butter and honey with powdered sugar and cinnamon, yum...

Your last morning will consist of another made to order hot breakfast before we all bid each other “Haggonea", the Navajo word for until we meet again.

Our hopes are that your time with us has left your family with a deeper appreciation of some of the most amazing places on earth by having become truly connected to your surroundings and the natural world. We are confident that the experiences that we all shared together will form fond and long lasting memories. We hope that you and your family will join us again for future exciting adventures that Arizona’s premier luxury travel company offers. As you are now members of an elite travel club, we will keep you informed with our company newsletter about upcoming events and new travel destinations.


Recommended Optional Add-Ons

Availability may be limited, so it is recommended that optional tours must be booked a minimum of 2 weeks prior to your tour date for Colorado River Discovery and Grand Canyon Mule Rim rides. Please make the vendor aware that you are booking under Arizona Luxury Expeditions to allow for V.I.P. servicing. PAYMENT is made directly with the vendor when making your reservation. Most importantly, confirm your reservation as soon as possible.

The Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours and the Lower Antelope Canyon Tour reservations can be secured through Arizona Luxury Expeditions. To assure booking these excursions we would appreciate you informing us as soon as possible, preferably 1 week prior to the start of your tour. Payment is typically made on-site upon your scheduled arrival. For your convenience, arrangements for payment can be made prior to your arrival time.

Fall and Winter Optional Tours:

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