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Jewels of Arizona Tour

We specialize in creating custom tour packages to meet the particular interests of our individual guests.

For those that want a recommendation, we have the following itinerary that is very popular!

arizona-luxury-expeditions-guided-tours-of-arizonaDay 1: You will be greeted at your campsite by a professional guide among the Sycamore Trees along the banks of Oak Creek. Spend the day in the enchanted Red Rock country of Sedona. You can visit famous landmarks such as the Chapel of the Holy Cross, Cathedral Rock, and the Mexican inspired Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village. You can take the afternoon to stroll through some of the world renown Art galleries or have your Aura photographed. At days end, meet up with your guide to view a glorious sunset from the top of Sedona and experience first hand one of Sedona’s famous mystical Vortex’s. These sites are believed to posses an energy flow that exists on multiple dimensions that interacts with a persons inner self, creating a perfect harmonious environment to facilitate prayer, meditation, and healing. It is not easily explained, obviously it must be experienced. From Sedona you will retire to the tranquility of Oak Creek Canyon, where you will experience our unwavering commitment to excellence in everything we do, from the luxurious accommodations of your personal tent, to the care and planning that goes into each deliciously prepared meal. After dinner you can reflect on the days activities down by the gently flowing Oak Creek, enjoy s’mores by the campfire, or retire to your spacious tent to relax and succumb to the peaceful sounds of the wilderness that embraces you.

arizona-luxury-expeditions-guided-tours-of-azDay 2 : Sedona

Your day begins as you are gently awakened by the smell of fresh brewing coffee and cinnamon buns being slowly baked in a dutch oven. After breakfast you embark on one of the most beautiful day hikes in America, as you discover the hidden secrets of the West Fork trail in Oak Creek Canyon. You can take a 1-2 hour spellbinding hike as canyon walls soar up 1000 feet as we descend further into the serene canyon. The trail follows a gentle path that borders the remote creek as you will be transported into one of the most tranquil, and beautiful places on earth. There are also additional hiking trails available such as Bell Rock and Devil's Bridge or explore off the beaten track with a Jeep Tour into the spectacular Red Rock country. Meet back in camp to relax and enjoy the peacefulness of your surroundings with dinner underneath the stars to end a great day.

arizona-luxury-expeditions-guided-touringDay 3: Grand Canyon

After breakfast we break camp and travel north, driving through the majestic Ponderosa Pine forest and come into full view of the tallest point in Arizona, the San Francisco Peaks! These contain Arizona's last dormant volcanoes, one of which is Mount Humphreys, considered by both the Navajo and the Hopi as a sacred mountain. Arriving at the south entrance of the Grand Canyon National Park, you will meet your guide at the Grand Canyon Village to be introduced to some of the spectacular first views of the canyon. From the famed El Tovar and Hopi House at the village you can marvel at the breathtaking views as you stroll along the paved Canyon Rim Trail, exploring along the way additional historic hotels and gift shops. After a stunning sunset in the Canyon, prepare again to be pampered as we meet to transport you to our secluded campgrounds where your campsite awaits, and an authentic western meal is slowly being cooked. Share the events of the day among your new friends and fellow explorers by a blazing fire while being wrapped in a wilderness ambiance that is blissfully undisturbed by the bustle of the 21st century.

Day 4: Grand Canyon

The cracking of the campfire and the aroma of a hearty hot breakfast being prepared will gently wake you to start your day in the Grand Canyon. The morning will include a meeting with A.L.E.’s guides as the days activity schedule will be reviewed. We will assist in creating for you an itinerary that is tailored for you and your family from a wide array of possibilities that are sure to intrigue and delight even the most seasoned traveler. Stimulating adventures designed to captivate the whole gang will be available throughout the day; come face to face with the canyon’s grandeur by joining us on a professional guided hike below the Canyon Rim on one of the many spectacular inner canyon trails. Participate in the many ranger talks throughout the day, or for an extra add on, view the canyon in a truly unforgettable way from the air, with an exhilarating helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon. Our campsite is conveniently located near the complimentary Grand Canyon shuttle bus that runs throughout the day and evening making frequent stops at all of the overlooks, giving you yet another option to explore on you own or include some of the other guests for group excursions. You can always opt for more or less activity depending on your mood and energy level, (even choose to do nothing at all ). The campsite will be furnished with hammocks and lounge chairs, as well as having a fully stocked library with books of all the areas that we visit. As always, the best guides in Arizona that are devoted to unveiling the traditions, history, culture, and natural wonders of all of our travels will be at your constant service. At evenings end catch your breath while a lavish spread awaits. Rounding out your days of discovery with a memorable meal after an active day is one of the more essential ingredients of the A.L.E. experience, complimented by nights of pure relaxation.



Day 5: Grand Canyon

Upon awakening on your final morning we can view a glorious sunrise, then return to camp to the aroma of a hot breakfast piercing the cool alpine air. Leaving you and your family with a deeper appreciation of some of the most amazing places on earth by having become truly connected to your surroundings and the natural world. We are confident that the experiences that we all shared together will form fond and long lasting memories. We hope that you and your family will join us again for future exciting adventures that Arizona’s premier luxury travel company offers. As you are now members of an elite travel club, we will keep you informed with our company newsletter about upcoming events and new travel destinations. Cheers!

Recommended Optional Add-Ons

Availability may be limited, so it is recommended that optional tours must be booked a minimum of 2 weeks prior to your tour date for Colorado River Discovery and Grand Canyon Mule Rim rides. Please make the vendor aware that you are booking under Arizona Luxury Expeditions to allow for V.I.P. servicing. PAYMENT is made directly with the vendor when making your reservation. Most importantly, confirm your reservation as soon as possible.

The Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours and the Lower Antelope Canyon Tour reservations can be secured through Arizona Luxury Expeditions. To assure booking these excursions we would appreciate you informing us as soon as possible, preferably 1 week prior to the start of your tour. Payment is typically made on-site upon your scheduled arrival. For your convenience, arrangements for payment can be made prior to your arrival time.

Jewels of Arizona Optional Tours:

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