Oak Creek Canyon, AZ

Oak Creek Canyon, AZ

Oak Creek Canyon is a stretch of beauty which stands at about 4,500 feet from Sedona. Oak Creek Canyon Scenic Drive is one of the popular scenic drives in the U.S. The scenic drive can be accessed from two routes – Sedona and Flagstaff. Regardless of the route you take, breathtaking views awaits as you descend or ascend through lush forests.

Oak Creek Canyon Tours

While enjoying your ride along the drive, be sure to stop at Slide Rock State Park, located at the mouth of the canyon. Slide Rock is a perfect destination for everyone especially desert dwellers during summer. Not only that, it is also considered by many as one of the most famous water recreation spots in the summer. Also, the park has gained much popularity for featuring on the list of the ten best swimming holes in America.

The crystal clear Oak Creek flows all year round, making the area glow in beauty. The deepest point of the canyon is about a mile and half from the top of the rim. Furthermore, Oak Creek Canyon is also home to the popular West Fork Oak Creek Trail. It is also considered by many as the Arizona’s popular hiking trail. West Fork Oak Creek Trail is an amazing place that attracts thousands of visitors all year round. However, the first few miles are less challenging and just perfect for hikers of all level. While walking across the creek, you may possibly get wet. The serenity and beauty of the creek is matchless.

Upon getting to the top of the Canyon, you will find locals selling hand-crafted authentic art works. The Oak Creek Canyon Vista Point is a great place to stop and take in the spectacular views of the canyon. Of all the scenic drives in Arizona, Oak Creek Canyon is a must visit.