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 22 reviews

Vacationed in the Grand Canyon through Arizona Luxury Expeditions this summer and cannot say enough good things about the amazing experience Don and his wife Lorraine provided us! The accommodations were extremely comfortable, the food was exceptional and plentiful and the information shared by Don as he guided us through the Canyon was incredibly interesting. We discovered off the beaten track vistas, enjoyed hiking down into the Canyon, mule riding along the Canyon rim, and rafting in the Colorado River. Especially loved the sunset spot (seemingly in the middle of the Canyon) that Don led us to where we shared wine and munchies. Their attention to detail and personalized service is beyond compare. Conversation with Don and Lorraine is easy and fun. Not only did we experience a unique and memorable, turn-key vacation, we also gained two new friends! Highly recommend Arizona Luxury Expeditions! We will vacation with them again!

Wow- our "glamping" experience was fantastic thanks to ALE! We found you online and ALE lived up to all of the excellent reviews and then more! We booked a two night stay in the Grand Canyon for our group of 11 (4 adults and 7 kids). Thanks to Don, Lorraine and Mark, we were treated to a memory that will last a lifetime for all of us. Don was an excellent guide as we checked out the GC - hiking and stopping at many different points, seeing a sunset and the stars like we have never seen them before. We loved the secluded campsite you found and appreciated the hammocks, bonfire, and games for the kids. Non of us had ever camped before and I don't know if we will be able to camp on our own after this luxury experience. The attention to every detail was perfect from the tents with heaters, toiletry bins, snacks, mattresses, and dining tent, to even providing us all with lots of quarters to use the showers! Mark and Lorraine treated us to delicious meals and more food than we could eat! The apple crisp cooked over the campfire was a dessert to remember for sure:) Don also helped us plan other parts of our trip and gave us many recommendations for places to check out. Our kids would have stayed longer if they could have and were requesting more time to just hang out at the campsite. We hope that we can glamp with you all again at another destination! We will continue to highly recommend ALE to all who are going out West!

On our recent family vacation to Arizona we chose to stay 3 nights with ALE - 2 nights outside of Sedona and 1 night at the Grand Canyon. We are a family of 4, with my daughter age 15 (severe Autistic/Anxiety disorder) and my son age 13. We stayed in 2 tents.

Prior to our trip, I read the remarkable reviews about ALE and wondered... "can it REALLY be this good". The answer is YES. Rather than repeat all of the wonderful things I could say about the "glamping" experience, I recommend you read the reviews below. They are accurate... there is no exaggeration... we had the same amazing experience. Instead, I want to expand on the points regarding the attention to the individual wants and needs. Don, Lorraine, Mark and Brice were extremely attentive to our family's special needs... particularly my Autistic daughter for whom, without the facilities and care given by the ALE staff, a camping experience would not have been accessible. I actually mist up a little with gratitude to Don and team for making this experience possible for my entire family.

But it doesn't stop with the camping experience. The entire ALE team were at our sides every day, guiding us through the amazing sites/hikes/experiences that Arizona has to offer... things we would have never found in a travel book. And they let my daughter set the pace. Normally, she is difficult to engage in any family activity other than an amusement park, but she just blossomed during our ALE stay and did things I never thought possible... which is PRICELESS.

Thank you Don, Lorraine, Mark and Brice for elevating our family vacation to an EPIC experience that we will never forget...

Well. Magic. Thats it in summary.Thank you for pulling our very spontaneous and demanding wishes off to perfection. Thank you for being there every time we got on and off helicopter, planes, buses and boats. Thank you for having a perfect wine and cheese overlooking an amazing sunset (including double rainbow) over the south rim. Thank you for the super cozy beds, delicious meals, getting up at 3:30 in the morning to organize a private visit through antelope canyon, for being so interestingly informative where ever we were, for being so relaxed and cool yet professional. It was a whirlwind of an unforgettable time and you all made it possible.

We had a fantastic trip to Grand Canyon and Sedona. Don and Lorraine made sure our trip was perfect - taking care of everything. The tents were great, and Lorraine's cooking excellent. Thoroughly recommend the experience.

by Mary Beth F. on Arizona Luxury Expeditions

Don, Lorraine and Mark were incredible! We spent 4 nights with them at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon in late June. We have tent camped a lot over the years but are no longer willing to work as hard as necessary for a successful camping trip. With these 3 all we had to do was show up and enjoy the beautiful scenery and the peace and quiet of the disbursed camping wilderness.Our group consisted of my husband and me along with our daughters who are 17 and 20. We had 2 oversized tents with deluxe air mattresses, a chair, a couple of tables and some storage space. Our site also included the dining tent, separate private shower & bathroom tents, the kitchen tent and one large tent that was home to our hosts. We had our own little village!Don, Lorraine & Mark waited on us hand and foot. They served meals as if we were in a restaurant, leaving the 4 of us alone to eat and checking on us periodically which gave us opportunities to chat, ask questions and confirm plans for the day or evening. The food was excellent and they went ABOVE AND BEYOND in meeting the special dietary needs of one of our daughters.ALE coordinated our excursions while we were there including driving us to and from Page, AZ for Antelope Canyon and smooth water rafting. It was great to be able to participate in those activities without having to worry about getting lost or being sleeping on the drive back after a long day out and about. They were flexible in timing as well as accomodating as we changed plans on the fly.I can't speak highly enough about this great team. I absolutely recommend this great experience with some really terrific people!

Our Memorial Day trip to the Grand Canyon was AMAZING -- and it was all due to Arizona Luxury Expeditions. Specifically it was the perfect weekend because of Don, Lorraine and Mark, our hosts from AZ Lux Tours. I can't rave enough about the three of them. First, the accommodations were ridiculously nice. Yes, we were in tents, but they were no ordinary tents. Inside was every amenity that you would seek in a hotel. Our tent had a queen size bed and a twin for our daughter -- so cozy with super soft linens and a heavy quilt. The tent was stocked with plush towels, a carry tote filled with all the toiletries you would need to take a shower, a wash basin, and a side table with Kleenex, water bottles and flashlights. They thought of everything. And the campsite had a "dining tent," (I kid you not), a kitchen tent, a shower and private toilet. This was the very definition of glamping!Second, the meals were incredible! We're a big foodie family so high end meals were a must for us. They did not disappoint. Mark used to be an executive chef and wow, it showed. We had BBQ ribs and chicken one night, steak and shrimp another. For breakfast, we had eggs, waffles, French toast (with hot maple syrup)...honestly, the food was endless. Despite having hiked and biked all day, we came home from camping having gained weight. Oh and did I mention the apple cobbler and brownies that were baked over the fire - in addition to the camp fire s'mores!Finally, Don and Mark each took us on a guided hike. Since this was our first trip to the Grand Canyon, their knowledge of the canyon and trails was invaluable. They knew which hikes to take at what time of day (to avoid the crowds). And while you're hiking, they are telling you all about the rock formations, the wildlife and the vegetation. Make sure they take you to their favorite overlook to watch the sunset one night. It was honestly one of the most beautiful sights ever. Don and Mark will be as involved with your day-to-day as much as you want - or will leave you alone and simply provide advice on what to do.We can't wait to use Arizona Luxury Expeditions again for a trip to Zion and Bryce. Honestly, we would not do those trips without Don, Lorraine and Mark by our side. They were the most gracious hosts ever -- really lovely people who took customer-service to a whole new level.p.s. While we were there, we checked out some of the high end hotels on the rim of the canyon. Would choose to stay with AZ Lux Tours over any of these hotels without question!

Arizona Luxury Expeditions ROCKED it at the Grand Canyon (pun intended)! Our family had an awesome vacation, and we echo the other reviews...Chef Mark is outstanding and Don works hard at making your every wish come true. We checked off all our boxes from not falling off the rim, to seeing elk in our campsite, to visiting Page. We can't thank you enough for the good times and the memories that we will cherish for a lifetime.

I have never slept in a tent before in my life. I loved this adventure because while it isn't "roughing it" you still get a true camping experience. Don, Lorraine, and Mark make you feel like you are staying with old friends.Mark was delightful. He is an amazing chef, a master storyteller, and is a walking Wikipedia of the Grand Canyon!Don seems to know everyone in Arizona (as my son said) and really seems to have a passion for sharing information and history of Arizona.We spent three nights. I would suggest 4 nights. We could have used one more day in the Grand Canyon.We took Don's pre trip advice and booked tours in Page Arizona. Don joins you for the day and drives you so you can enjoy the scenery.I would say the best part of the trip was chatting with Mark about his adventures and having help my 10 yr old son and I on our first trail hike into the Canyon. People on the trail would stop and listen as Mark gave us cool facts about the geology of the Canyon.I would do this again in a heartbeat! I would be sure to make sure Mark was going to be on the tour (although I am sure Don will always find the best people).

We are a family of 6, 2 boys ages 11 and 14, 2 adults and 2 seniors. None of us had been to the Grand Canyon and decided that if we were ever going to glamp this was the place. We spent two night at a perfect camp site with air mattresses, heaters, generators, and everything we could possibly need to camp. We arrived with a carry on bag worth of luggage for each pair of us and settled right in. Our guide, Don, immediately took us to the GC for our first look as well as to orient us to the area. After a nice walk along the rim he picked us up and it was time for dinner. The food was fantastic, thanks to our chef, Mark. Every meal was perfect and required nothing from us other than for us to enjoy it. Desserts were s'mores and apple crisp made in our camp fire. The elk walked right in to camp and we fell asleep to coyotes howling and woke to ravens quorking. Don took my husband and boys on a more challenging morning hike and took all of us on an easier hike in the afternoon. His knowledge of the GC is extensive and he is a perfect guide for hiking. Next time we make it to AZ we're hoping to make it another glamping experience with ALE. I have a feeling we'll have to make our reservations even further in advance.

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